Terms of Use and License Agreement - Worldview Images

Royalty-Free stock images from around the world.    

By downloading images from Worldviewimages.com you agree to the following terms:

(a) Copyright and Ownership - It is understood that the download and use of images in no way represents a transfer of ownership of the image itself. Offering the images to the non-profit, NGO, Educational sectors, in no way represents a release of the images into the public domain. Copyright and all other rights remain the sole property of Frank Spangler, World View Images.

(b) Personal, Non-Commercial and Educational Use – World View Images grants usage rights of the screen resolution version (1600x1060 px) of the Images stored on this server to the general public for personal, non-profit use.   This permission is also granted to educators, students, and religious presenters for educational projects.   Entities and individuals who are serving and uplifting humanity, may use the images for their websites, blogs and PowerPoint presentations.   If you wish to use any image for commercial or a for- profit use, such as a blog or website that is monetized, please utilize the "Buy" button and pay a small fee for licensing the image.   Any use of images for commercial or "for-profit" purposes without obtaining proper licensing will be considered a violation of copyright laws.  If in doubt if your intended usage is considered commercial or not, please check with us!

(c) Usage - Images may be utilized in whole or part, modified or altered as necessary for your design, over multiple non-profit projects, except where utilization of image(s) violates prohibited usage described below.

Prohibited Use: It is understood that you are NOT permitted to:

(1) Use any image or derivative work for any pornographic, libelous or fraudulent purpose.

(2) Resell or transfer the right to use, sub-license, or in any way distribute images, whether in whole or part, modified or altered, as part of a stock image collection or similar product where it is expressly stated or otherwise implied that the purchaser or recipient is gaining the legal right to use the image in a new product or design.

(3) Remove trademark, copyright or other file information that may be associated with or embedded in the file.

(4) Use images with recognizable faces for commercial, religious, political or ideological endorsement. Most of the photos at Worldview Images were taken in countries where the idea of a model release is a foreign concept.  We ask that the user show respect to the individuals in the images and use the photographs to illustrate the social issues of our world, and educate others, rather than for any commercial promotion.

(d) Credit – We appreciate your giving  credit for the images. Please use either ©Frank Spangler or ©worldviewImages.com

(e) Termination - Should the user at any time fail to comply with the terms of this agreement the license for use of the images shall be terminated. Should this occur, the user agrees to cease using the images for any purpose and destroy all copies of images downloaded from World View Images. The user must confirm in writing to World View Images that these actions have indeed been taken.

(h) Indemnification - You agree to indemnify World-View Images against all claims or liability asserted against World View Images in any disputes that may arise out of the use of these images or a breach of this agreement.

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