Frequently Asked Questions - Worldview Images

Royalty-Free stock images from around the world.    

Q. Are all of your images really free?
A. We are making our images free for people to use in personal projects and educational contexts.  Students, teachers and personal bloggers are welcome to download and use our images without licensing them.  The right click, save image option has been unlocked for sizes up to  1600 px.  For larger sizes, please use the buy button and pay a small licensing fee.

Q. What do you mean by Royalty Free?
A. Many stock photo agencies offer their media under what is called a "rights managed" license agreement. If you need to use the image in additional projects, you need to re-negotiate your fees. Under "royalty free" licensing, you pay for your license once and then you are able to use the image in multiple projects over the years without ever having to pay further royalty fees to

Q. What format do you deliver?
A.. All of our instant downloads are in the jpeg format. If you are working on a project where the highest quality is required and would like to get the image in its RAW camera format (when available) This can be arranged for a standard curator fee. ($49.99/image)

Q. What pixel size are your images?
A. Stock listed at Worldview Images come from our shoots over the last 20 years and have been shot with a variety of cameras, both film and digital. Over the years, the digital cameras have improved greatly and so you will see a steady progression of image size and quality. The size of every image is listed in the details page for each individual image. (Click on the little "i" under the large image in the galleries at the bottom right corner) Be sure to check this to make sure that it will meet your requirements.

Q. Is it safe to use my Credit Card at World View Images?
A. Yes. Our Shopping Cart and all Credit Card Processing is handled by our hosting partner, Smug Mug on their secure servers. Your Credit card information is never seen by us or stored by Worldview Images. If you are more comfortable using PayPal to check out, this is also provided as an option by Smug Mug.

Q. What about model releases for your images?
A. Unless specifically stated, no model releases have been obtained during the shooting of these images. They should be used for educational and editorial purposes only. Please do not use recognizable faces for the endorsement of products, religious, or political ideas.

Q. Are there any other restrictions on my use of the images that I download?
A. Yes. Please be sure to read our license agreement to become aware of use restrictions.

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